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Steven N. Brourman, M.D.

Dr. Steven N. Brourman has worked as a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in CA for over 35 years and received the added qualifications for the surgery of the hand and upper extremity. He owned and operated his own surgical center in Beverly Hills, CA and performed thousands of hand and upper extremity surgeries.

In addition, Dr. Brourman served as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center, and was the Chief of the Hand Surgery Service at the Long Beach VA Hospital.

After decades of working as an orthopedic surgeon, his practice gradually shifted from treating and performing surgeries to focus primarily on medical-legal evaluations of orthopedic injuries. Dr. Brourman became licensed as a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) and is considered an expert in the field of Workers’ Compensation as a QME, having performed hundreds of medical-legal evaluations in the last 30 years that often include participating in depositions to further clarify and substantiate his scientific findings. In assessing injured workers for disability, Dr.Brourman addresses all orthopedic issues including, the upper extremity, lower extremity and the spine.

Dr. Brourman is committed to finding fair and equitable resolutions to help settle cases and is also available for depositions and as an expert witness. He frequently provides educational seminars for attorneys and speaks on various industry guest panels. He is respected by applicants, employers, and the legal community and has earned the reputation for being honest and fair in his assessments and strives to provide accurate diagnoses and timely evaluations that are to the highest order of quality, based on substantial medical evidence that are ratable.

Dr. Brourman’s offices are conveniently located throughout California, and also provide ancillary services including: x-ray, ultrasound, electrodiagnostic testing, and MRI imaging. His staff is bi-lingual, serving injured patients from every industry. Their mission is to provide a seamless patient experience, treating every patient with empathy, dignity, and respect.

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Attorneys and Employers Referral Line: (818) 815-3900.

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